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I knew this would be a quick read, and I am almost finished. I love this novel. It’s theme’s are still so relevant today, I believe this is why it continues to be on a mandatory reading list during our education. I wish I could write like Jane Austen. Next read, I will tackle an author with enormous controversy, Ayn Rand. I will re read” The Fountainhead”. I find her intriguing. I am not saying I believe her philosphy but I do respect her talent for writing and her tenacity. I hope some of you will communicate your own feelings about her philosophies which I will discuss in my next blog.

I just started rereading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love it! I have decided to do this to find out if I missed any of the nuances or messages as I first read this novel when I was 16. Besides the mandatory reading required by my school, My father and I had library night. We would have dinner out, then go the library. We always chose something for me together and discussed it at our dinners. I remember the first book I read that I realized the power of writing. It was a book called “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck. This novel above all others is responsible for my voracious appetite for reading. I have already reread this novel many times and I still love it. I would recommend this novel to everyone!!

I finished up Sense and Sensibility this morning, it is my favorite Jane Austen novel. I am rereading Pride and Prejudice now as I am curious to know if I will feel the same as I did when I read it in highschool. It is an important novel, again with similar themes about the English class system and first impressions. I am sure I will read this quickly as I am excited to tackle Ayn Rand next. I hope some of you are interested in her novels and controversial philosophy.

Half way through Sense and Sensibility, loving every minute of it, I have decided to go ahead and reread ” Pride and Prejudice” when I am finished. I am so enjoying my revisit to Jane Austen’s world I may stay there a while.

Back to “merry old England” for a trip to Jane Austen’s world. I am now reading Sense and Sensibility and I must say, I love the Dashwood woman! There have been many movie adaptations, however this well written novel will never be matched. Jane Austen speaks of an intolerable world of chauvinism, an upside down class system and love. Each character is rich in-depth and her story telling so vivid, you feel part of her world. To anyone who has read Jane Austen in highschool or college but not since, I would strongly suggest you read her work again. There is a reason her work is classic!

Well, despite my exhaustion due to my new puppy, I have completed Ulysses! I enjoyed this and understood this far more than when I read it in highschool. I would highly recommend reading this novel for a 1st or 2nd time. James Joyce is a classic! I have decided to read Jane Austen’s ” Sense and Sensibility” next. I am in the mood for something romantic yet complex. I believe Jane Austen was a woman ahead of her time and whose themes still resonate in the modern world. I am considering discussing Ayn Rand at some point, is anyone interested in discussing her?

The Past

Posted on: 08/25/2010

As I was reading yesterday and planning the next few classics I chose to reread, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the memories that came flooding into my head. Each book I chose, like a song, reminded me of an old friend, a teacher or a significant time in my life. I am finally mastering Ulysses and enjoying it so much more than when I read it before. I do believe that often we miss parts of the theme to the story if we aren’t mature enough to understand them. I love his parallels with Homer’s Odyssey, his stream of consciousness style, and rich characterizations make this worth every effort to read… I will keep reading and then choose my next classic, any suggestions?

Despite being distracted by a new puppy, I have made some headway in reading, I still struggle to understand and often go back to reread portions of Ulysses, however I am grasping far more now than when it was mandatory reading in highschool. I think there are many classics I will go back and reread as I am certain I have missed many of the nuances expressed in the writing due to my young age and immaturity when I first read them. So, that is what I am up to , rereading the classics for now… Join me?

Off the subject today, I recently was in Las Vegas and fortunate enough to see The Beatles “LOVE” by Cirque de Soleil. It was an amazing show musically and visually. I would make it a point to see this. The acrobatic talent and the interpretation of the music is moving and beautifully done. There is also a documentary call “ALL TOGETHER NOW” on cable which is about how they created this one of a kind show. I highly recommend you catch this…… All you need is love……

New Puppy

Posted on: 08/22/2010

I have been up all night with a new addition to my family, a beautiful Yorkie puppie, I could not get any reading done, unless you count ‘How to Potty Train your new Puppy” It is interesting and many different schools of thought, anybody have any suggestions, please send them along. We have cleaned up a few accidents already. HELP!!


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