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Elizabeth Gilbert’s trials and tribulations¬†after a divorce. I bring this up as the movie opens tonight. I enjoyed her words, however self indulgent. I find myself wishing I had the same opportunity to take a year off to figure out what it is that will really bring me happiness. I did respect her honesty and courage to walk away from what seemed ideal and made those around her happy. Self expression is always difficult and she allowed the reader to join her on her discovery. I am sure Julia Roberts will bring the warmth and sensitivity to the movie in which the real Elizabeth expressed throughout her novel, I look forward to seeing it. By the way, her book “Committed” was also a great read but not nearly as romantic. Still worth reading.

I am a first time blogger, does anyone want to share ideas to improve mine?

The Nook

Posted on: 08/13/2010

I just treated myself for my birthday to The Nook by Barnes and Noble. This was a huge leap for me as I thought of myself as a purest. From the time I was very young , I have found libraries, bookstores, stationary stores intoxicating!! I love the smell of ink and clean white paper. So why the Nook? I have run out of storage space and have committed to donating my books to one of the local schools. I have downloaded so many of my favorites already and love it!!

I am in the middle of the trilogy with these books, sometimes completely absorbed and then very bored, not sure these are everyone’s cup of tea. I find it interesting though. I cannot figure out if the character Lisbeth is a hero or a villan.¬† What do you think?


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