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Stephen King

Posted on: 08/14/2010

Let’s discuss Stephen King for a while…… I remember as a teenager reading The Shining, of course, I was hooked! He is one of the most prolific writers ever to be published. I have a unique interest in his work. The novels I have loved are some of the best and most well written novels of any contemporary writer to date. He has also lost my interest in some of his work as I cannot seem to get past the first chapter. I am drawn to his stories that are strongly character driven and less “scary”. My favorites are Dolores Claiborne, Misery,and of course The Shining. I have struggled with The Stand and Salems Lot. I am still compelled to read any new releases because when he is good, he is the best there is.. Carrie still remains a classic and Insomnia I have been struggling to finish for years. I do love him. What are your thoughts? I feel the novels that have missed for me are probably my own lack of understanding and imagination. All in all, Stephen King is wonderful and talented….Keep writing Stephen!!

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