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Unfortunately, I am unable to list them all here, but am surprised that I do not agree with all the choices, most have been assigned reading for us in highschool and college but I think some are missing from the list. Dr. Zhivago is not on the expert or the reader’s list. I found that astounding, it is one of my favorite novels ever written, do you agree it should be required in school? I know most of us have seen the movie but the novel is beautifully written and a must read. I will try to post the list as soon as possible.

I printed out a copy of The Modern Libraries Pick for the 100 greatest novels of all time, they also mention the readers choices, interesting choices and to my surprise I have read most of them, some continue to be a challenge for me but I continue anyway. If you are an avid reader, I would look this list up, it is very interesting.

Well, once again I am only about ten pages in and want to give up but I persevere and continue, I know it must be worth it as it is on every “must read” list there is. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this?

Well, because of this blog, I have started to do an amazing about of research on the authors I love or who have made an enormous impact in literature. I have to admit , James Joyce was difficult for me to read. For most of us , James Joyce was required reading in high school and college but to this day I have never gotten through Ulysses in it’s entirety. I am now determined to do this. On every must read list by every college is this novel. I have started and stopped a thousand times but now I am going to finish this book. I  have downloaded it on to my Nook and in bold print I will forge ahead…..Wish me luck, I will keep you informed as I progress. I f you have any insights that would make this easier, please share them with me, have a great day!


Amy Tan

Posted on: 08/18/2010

I am sure you have all heard of The Kitchen Gods Wife, I love Amy Tan because beyond her beautiful prose is a history lesson. Her meticulous research is interwined into her stories and I am intrigued by her style and elegant writing.  I have also read her other works and would strongly recommend her to anyone interested in great story telling. Amy has drawn some of her storylines  from personal experience and I treasure that she is so brave to share them with me when I read her work. Amy is a great way to start your intro into contemporary literature, Read and Enjoy!!!

Nobel prize winning author probably best known for Love in the time of Cholera, a wonderful story about finding love later in life. His prose is poetry and I am captivated by the vivid imagery as I read his words. The novel to tackle however is One Hundred years of Solitude. I remember taking this book on a vacation with my familyand my brother mentioning that this book is not exactly light reading for a vacation! Well, he was right, it was the most challenging book I have ever read and also the most rewarding, I remember as I finished the last page, I was speechless! I just sat there  thinking this writer is a genius. I quickly went out to buy everything else he ever wrote. If you are up for the challange, read his work, you will not regret it!

Is anyone ready the tackle this author? If so I will write and interesting blog, let me know!

Another national treasure! His prose provokes the imagination and thought. I am partial to Lonesome Dove, a brilliant saga about a cattle drive, his characters are rich and colorful. I am sure some of you may have seen the movie, it was very well done, however I still recommend the novel. Another favorite was Terms of Endearment. Aurura Greenway is a classic character and he develops the relationships so honestly. I regard him as one of our greatest comtemporary writers today, Read his work and enjoy!!

Adorable book and movie! However the real Julie Powell is not the same girl portrayed in the movie. Her second novel Cleaving: a story of Marriage, Meat andObsession is quite intimate and destroys any sweet notions you may have had about Julie Powell. In this story, she describes going on to become an apprentice butcher, an affair she had and she even admits to not being anything like the girl in the movie. It is difficult to reconcile this when I catch Julie/ Julia on television. I doubt this second novel will be made into a movie, thank goodness! It is not the enjoyable read her first novel was, skip it, you will not miss anything important.


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